Life and Achievement

Recently, I don’t know why I always think about one sacred word: achievement. Achievement, for me, can be defined in lot of ways. Achieving desire, achieving dream, achieving target, or achieving expectation. Just name it.

Don’t you know? It’s little bit peculiar. Okay! This thought suddenly come to my mind, then I muse it. What’s your achievement until now? Have you passed three years just for daydreaming and doing nothing? Don’t you agree that daydreaming is the starting point to achieve something? Then I muse it again, and decide to write.

Writing is relieving. Writing is a runaway. So, what have you done so far? What have you done for yourself? And the more important thing is what have you done for people around you? Have you made enough contribution to anything around you? Have you contributed to the society and raised their prosperity?

As a human, I realize that I have social obligation to help people around me. There’s an interconnection between each person, isn’t it? So that everyone deserve our attention. The more I ask my self, the more questions I yielded. And that questions spin around my mind. Am I too lazy to think? Or the way I thought just too narrow? Maybe the basic problem is just a simple question. But I am too afraid to try new challenges so that I can not create a great change until now.

Maybe, I’ve been fall asleep in my comfort zone for a long time.

Actually, there are three amazing statements that successfully fill my brain just now. First, you can decide to follow the way of God or the way of devil. Within the way of God you can show your effort to achieve the future goodness. In the other way, if you choose to follow the way of devil: happiness comes now, but tomorrow you’ll be in the middle of sorrow. What do you want to choose?

Then, there comes the next statement. Push yourself now, or market will punish you (suddenly I remember the natural selection theory: the one who can’t adapt with nowadays requirement is the one who will die). And the last outstanding statement that I will always remember is statement from Stephen R. Covey’s masterpiece, The 8th Habit for Highly Effective People. He say that discipline is sacrificing today’s pleasure to achieve tomorrow goodness. But the main problem is there’s still misconception about definition of discipline. Many people think that discipline is pressure or something that force us to do something. That’s totally wrong. For me, discipline is all about freedom. Enjoying what we do.

Maybe I’ve achieved several things. Though I haven’t created something meaningful yet, whether it is for myself or my surrounding. I’m so ashamed when I know this reality. I’m ashamed because I finally know that I’ve act selfishly so far. I want let my ego go, really go. It’s never be too late, there’s no reason the say “I quit” or “I think I’ve came to my limit, so I give up.”

Ohh, come on! You’re so young. You’re even less than a quarter of century. There are lot of ways to choose, there are lot of doors to knock, there are lot of opportunities waiting for us.

What you’ve to do now is start to build the concept; it means that you should think. But do not think too much or take too much time. Don’t waste your time just to think. After that, what you should do is simply just implementing, doing, or whatever that shows “the execution” as soon as possible.

Just do it, the fuel that energizes your spirit. What a simple word, just do it. A simple word that reflects how we rely on faith and optimism. Two different meaning grouped into one. Easy to say, and it absolutely will easy to execute if we keep holding on our confidence. Every single person has that talent, has that potential. Push your self over the limit. Just believe in yourself.

(Afin Afini)


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