Dictatorship – A Bitter End, As Always

When I heard about Khadafy’s death, I wasn’t really shocked with that news, and I believe most people weren’t either. The riot in Libya has been going on for months and there’s a huge chance of him finally getting thrown from his throne in many ways. But what shocked me was the news that he was shot and his body was being dragged along the street by the Anti-Khadafy forces.

Dragged along the street.

So this is how the 40 years-ruling dictator of Libya ends. Kind of resembles Mussolini’s death, just minus the hanging. Another sad ending for the league of dictators, yet another victory for the pro-democratic movement, whoever that might be.

But is it true, as in an unwritten rule in history, that the fate of all dictators is the same which is getting overthrown, getting killed, and/or getting jailed? Probably, but that doesn’t alter the fact that there are still at least 40 dictators around the world today with approximately 2 billion people live under the grip of their regimes. Although the number has gone down year-by-year, it’s still a huge amount of people to count. There’s also the tendency of the country which is ruled by dictatorship to have low income, low human development index, and poor treatment towards human rights. Some argues that economic development and well being are linked to freedom. Some say that the poverty in Africa was mainly caused by the ruling dictatorship. Looking roughly at the databases, it obviously shows that is true, with few exceptions as in Saudi Arabia and China.

The Arab Spring that has been going lately has overthrown four dictatorship regimes in ten months alone, and there’s a huge chance for the list to keep counting in near future. Still and all, I doubt the African nations would follow so soon, looking at the current socio-economic condition that’s still far from reaching the ideal depiction of democracy by Carl Becker (1941), as government of the people, by the people, for the people or even at least the depiction of real democracy as in government of the people, by the politicians, for whatever pressure groups can get their interests taken care of.

The future of dictatorship is at its stake, loosely speaking. But it would mean nothing if it’s not followed by improvements in economic and social condition along with the improvement in governmental systems. Otherwise, those revolts would just end up in another misgovernance under the name of democracy, wherein one tyrant goes down, the tyranny of majority arises.

(Pungky Agusta)


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