The Protector of the Earth

I lay down on your feet
Make a sleeping parantheses on my lips;
hiding under your branched hands
Which has hair on the tip of your finger,
So many so it bands together with beard—
Actually, I kind of confuse whether that’s your beard or mustache.
But one thing I know: it protects me from Mr. Sunshine
Who usually kind,
But nowadays he is getting more red.
Oh, I don’t know why, but my father said
It was because so many car in street
Who fart too many gas to the sky which
Pissed Mr. Sunshine, so he turned wrath.
I’m so sorry if for sometime
I forget about you—you know, I’ve been bussy.

You were one of my bestfriend in my childhood,
We enjoyed much time together back then.
I live in the house made by your grandpa;
It was such a lovely house with smell of teak in summer time.
My father, who can survive in this world because of your kind,
Drape old tire of his car to your strong hand,
So I can sit in the hole of the old tire
And my father pushed the tire over and over
Then fly me to the sky.
That time, I learn how my father love me—so much.

I grew up into a naughty boy;
Almost everyday I climbed to your body
And hide behind your hair, so my mother wouldn’t find me
And order me to wash the dishes.
You are the protector of the bandit—me.

You were the most awesome wingman
On my juvenile time;
I just need to tell a girl “I know a place
To enjoy our time with the stars in front of
Our very eyes. It’s very beatiful, though won’t match
The beauty of your eyes.”
Then I would brought her to your place,
After some chit-chat about the stars and you,
I’ll handle the rest, right beneath your very eyes.
That night I learn how lust can mislead me.

Now I realize that you’re not just my bestfriend;
You should be everybody bestfriend.
We all need you, cause you’re the protector of the earth.
You stand still even when people
Didn’t give you a good-morning-smile
You keep exhaling our inhale,
Even when we never hug you
And say, “Thanks, you help us live”

How selfish of myself who thought
I can live all by myself
Ignoring you and refuse to breed you
But keep using you for my benefit only.

Please stand still, do not give up
Even when human start hurting you
With every kind of tool which possible to tear you
Be hard as steel so people
Will get tired and stop;
Be tall like the buildings in New York City
So human will think twice
Before they cut you down.
Be exuberant as leafy as you can be
So people, like me, able to
Lay our head into your chest—
Begging for safety and cool.

Now I’m terrified that you
Will hate us by disappear slowly
Never looking back.
I felt your sickness,
I hear the sound of yourt heart breaking.
And now I will help you.
Let’s be friend again.
Let’s protect one each other—like we used to.


Saturday morning,


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